Superficial cervical plexusblock

    Superficial (and Intermediate) Cervical Plexus Block

    Dr David Stoeter



    Specific Contraindications



    Volume of LA

    Specific complications


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    Lymph node excision (within the anterior and posterior triangles of the neck)

    Clavicular surgery or fractures (may require intermediate cervical plexus block and  its combination with interscalene block, see below)

    Central Venous Catheters: Renal replacement therapy central venous catheters, tunnelled  central venous catheters and portacaths inserted into the subclavian or jugular veins (may require combination with ‘Pecs 1’ block for component of pain below the clavicle)

    Tracheostomy (see below discussion on safety profile of performing bilateral blocks and risks of respiratory distress due to phrenic nerve or recurrent largyngeal nerve block)

    -More commonly in adults: thyroid (again, bilateral) and carotid surgery