1-year membership 
Active 50 EUR
Active – reduced fee* 30 EUR
Affiliate50 EUR
Affiliate – reduced fee*30 EUR
Retired30 EUR
Trainee30 EUR
2-years membership (10 EUR discount)
Active 90 EUR
Active – reduced fee* 50 EUR
Affiliate90 EUR
Affiliate – reduced fee*50 EUR
Retired50 EUR
Trainee50 EUR
3-years membership (20 EUR discount)
Active 130 EUR
Active – reduced fee* 70 EUR
Affiliate130 EUR
Affiliate – reduced fee*70 EUR
Retired70 EUR
Trainee70 EUR
*The reduced fee is only aplicable for those who reside in a reduced fee country.

Countries Entitled to Reduced ESPA Membership Fees

BelarusRepublic of Moldova
Bosnia and HerzegovinaRomania
BulgariaRussian Federation
CroatiaSerbia and Montenegro
Czech RepublicSlovakia
HungaryFormer Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
**If you are a part of the Serbian, Swedish, or Dutch Local Societies, please contact your Treasurer or President as your Society has signed up for the joint membership at a lower cost. Please do not sign up for ESPA directly as to avoid paying twice.

If you are a Local Society and are interested in the joint membership, please speak to your local Treasurer or President about joining
ESPA in this way. **