Anaesthetic Related Equipment

Safe Management of Anaesthetic Related Equipment

Although this guideline also highlights UK management structures the principles are valid for all who use anaesthetic equipment. The main points of this guideline are summarized below.

  • Safety, quality and performance considerations must be included in all equipment acquisition decisions.
  • Each directorate should nominate one consultant with responsibility for equipment management. This Nominated Consultant should be a member of a Medical Devices Management Group, which reports directly to the Trust Board, and he or she should liaise closely with the Technical Servicing Manager.
  • An inventory of all equipment, including donated equipment, must be held by the technical department for maintenance and replacement purposes.
  • A planned preventative maintenance programme must be in place.
  • There should be a policy to cope with equipment breakdown.
  • A replacement programme which defines equipment life and correct disposal procedures should be in place.
  • Purchase of new equipment should include wide consultation (especially involving users), and technical advice to ensure practicality, cost effectiveness and suitability for purpose.
  • There must be a commissioning or acceptance procedure before any new equipment is put into use.
  • All users must be trained in the use of all equipment that they may use.
  • All adverse incidents arising from the use of equipment must be reported.

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