Author: Valeria Mossetti

1. Indications
Anesthesia and analgesia for sorgere on hand.

2. Complications
Local infection
The median nerve is in the middle between the palmaris longus tendon and the flexor
radialis carpi tendon. This nerve can be easily followed up to the elbow to find the best
position for the block.
The patient is in supine position, the arm abducted at an angle of 90°C with the palm
of the hand facing upward.
Use a linear high-frequency probe with 10 or 12 MHz.
Place the probe on the interior side of the wrist in a tangential plane so that the nerve
can be scanned transversely (the marker on the probe is directed towards the patient‘s
The median nerve is depicted as a well defined, independent, round and hyperechoic
structure. In correspondence with the nerve fascicles

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