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ESPA Elections 2020

    Dear members,

    As already announced in the last Newsletter, the elections of nine members of the Executive Board of ESPA will be organized during autumn 2020. The vote will be electronic and you will receive in due time an individual code to vote.

    The ESPA statutes require that candidates for the elections to the Executive Board be nominated either by the members of the current Executive Board or by any individual member of the Society.

    If you think about a candidate, please contact this person to make sure he/she agrees to be a candidate and, if yes, send his/her data to Mrs Lenka Novakova at: novakova@associationhouse.cz.

    Each candidate will be asked to send the following to :

    • A short curriculum vitae
    • A picture
    • A short letter of motivation explaing why the candidate submits his/her candidature to be a member of the future Executive Board of ESPA.

    These informations will be published on the website before the election process starts.

    As quoted by our President in Rotterdam, « Paediatric anaesthesia requires the services of persons with unlimited optimism and energy » (Davenport 1957). Our Society needs the same !

    Thank you in advance for your participation in this important election.

    Yours sincerely,

    Francis Veyckemans

    Immediate Past-President, ESPA
    ESPA Election Committee Chair 2020

                                                       LIST OF CANDIDATES