ESPA Pain Committee

The ESPA Pain Section mainly focuses on acute postoperative pain, but also has an interest concerning long-term pain states in children of both malignant and non-malignant origins. The main topic is to disseminate knowledge about paediatric pain treatment in order to provide a more universal and comparable level of paediatric pain care in Europe.


After a maximum four year serving period, Professor Per-Arne Lönnqvist has now left the ESPA Executive Board as of September 2016. Following this leave, he has also retired as Chair of the ESPA Pain Committee. We would like to thank Prof Lönnqvist for his tireless efforts in promoting adequate pain therapy in children. He also initiated the ESPA Pain Ladder Initiative..


Per-Arne_LonnqvistVittinghoff 2
Retired Chair of the ESPA Pain Committee
Professor Per-Arne Lönnqvist

New Chair of the ESPA Pain Committee
Acute Postoperative Pain:
Maria Vittinghoff
Curriculum Vitae

Long-Term and Cancer Pain
Pervin Bozkurt Sutas
Curriculum Vitae
Regional Anaesthesia, General
Valeria Mossetti
Curriculum Vitae
Regional Anaesthesia, Ultrasound Guided
Steve Roberts