Published May 6, 2015 v 12:30 pm | category  newsPrint

Share a case with the ESPA Panel!

Because we are always looking for innovative ways to improve the anaesthetic care of sick children, ESPA has set up a panel on DefinitiveDx.

DefinitiveDx new way for doctors to share and discuss complex patient cases.

If you’re looking to help, share real patient cases. Or, if you’d like your colleagues to learn about interesting cases, share educational ones.

The panel is now ready to help ESPA members find the definitive diagnosis and best management option for every child. As an ESPA member you will be invited to join the ESPA panel on DefinitiveDx. Sign up to DefinitiveDx to get started.

We are working closely with medDigital, the company who has developed DefinitiveDx. If you have any questions, just get in touch.