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The main remit of the European Society for Paediatric Anaesthesiology (ESPA) Pain
Committee is to improve the quality of pain management in children. The ESPA Pain
Management Ladder is a clinical practice advisory based upon expert consensus to
help to ensure a basic standard of perioperative pain management for all children. Further
steps are suggested to improve pain management once a basic standard has been
achieved. The guidance is grouped by the type of surgical procedure and layered to
suggest basic, intermediate, and advanced pain management methods. The committee
members are aware that there are marked differences in financial and personal
resources in different institutions and countries and also considerable variations in the
availability of analgesic drugs across Europe. We recommend that the guidance should

be used as a framework to guide best practice.

analgesics, nonopioid drugs, opioids, Pediatrics, perioperative pain, regional anesthesia

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